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Phone: 856-455-2267
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The History of Upper Deerfield Township Schools

Upper Deerfield Township was incorporated in 1921 when the residents passed a referendum separating it from Deerfield Township. At that time, the children of the area were attending Silver Lake, Union, Friendship and Woodruff Schools and four rented houses in Seabrook.

During 1922, a school housing eight classrooms was built and it began operation in 1923. This building, called the Charles F. Seabrook School, was originally planned as a Junior High School to house grades seven, eight and nine. The four rented houses were closed immediately and the other small schools began to phase out.

Silver Lake was closed in 1925, Friendship in 1931, Woodruff in 1935, and the Loder School in 1937. Finally, Union School in Deerfield closed in 1945 when an addition was opened at the Seabrook School. All children in grades K-8 were attending the Seabrook School.

As the population grew, another addition was made to the Seabrook School and opened in 1948, followed by another addition in 1955. Children were placed on split session as a new Seabrook School was being erected. In 1956, the Seabrook School North opened and the “old” Seabrook School became Seabrook School South. An addition was made to the North School which opened in 1958. These same buildings are in operation today.

In 1967, a bond issue referendum for a High School was defeated and the Seabrook Schools were being used at maximum capacity. Voters passed a bond issue in March 1974 for another elementary school. The Woodruff School opened in September 1976, housing grades six through eight.

Presently, the Upper Deerfield Township School District operates three schools housing about 1,000 students in grades K-8; Charles F. Seabrook School (Pre-K-3), Elizabeth Moore School, 
formerly Seabrook School South (grades 4,5), and Woodruff School (grades 6-8).

School Closings

All children should be instructed by their parents as to what to do if school is closed due to an emergency. Working parents should inform their children where to go if they are not at home. On snow days or other emergencies, listen to radio station WSNJ (1240 AM). Closing information is also available on the ABC (Channel 6) and NBC (Channel 10) television stations or by calling the school at 856-455-2267 or visiting this website.

Cold or Rainy Weather

When the weather is extremely cold or rainy, children will be allowed inside before school begins. Seabrook students report to the cafeteria; Moore to the auditorium; and Woodruff to the cafetorium. The principals will determine whether it is necessary for the children to come inside or to remain outside.

Immunization and State Law

Records will be reviewed yearly for completeness by the nurses’ office. Upper Deerfield Township Schools require that all attending students be immunized according to state law. This may include DPT, Hepatitis B, Chicken Pox, and any booster that may be required.

Health Services

Dr. Joh Kim is our school physician. He will visit the school regularly during the year and will be available as a consultant at all times.

School Nurses

Mrs. Ilda Tretheway, R.N.
455-2267, ext. 4203 

Mrs. Gwen Steiner, R.N.
455-2267, ext. 3105 

Ms. Jenny Brewster, R.N. 
455-2267, ext. 5111