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6th Grade School Supplies List 19-20
Suggested School Supplies




Dear Parent,

          Welcome to the sixth grade at Woodruff School.  We are excited for another successful year!  As a sixth grade team we value the importance of organization, determination, and education while in sixth grade.  Our goal is to create independent learners who have a value in their education.  Through this transition we would like students to take pride in their work and organization and by the end of sixth grade needing less support by parent and teachers. Simple things like keeping your locker organized, writing homework in your agenda, and studying, can ensure a child’s success in the sixth grade.  In this transition, they are developing life long skills of organization and self-determination.

          Please review the supply list and understand that we are looking for your child to be organized each and every day. With the addition of chrome books, we have now condensed the supply list.


                                                                        Your Partners in Learning,


                                                                        The Sixth Grade Team






General necessities:

  • White lined wide ruled notebook paper with holes (for all binders)
  • Earbuds
  • Pencils - Two sharpened everyday
  • Highlighters - Yellow
  • Colored pencils
  • Black fine line marker - At least two
  • Blue or Black pens - No red pens, colored pens, or gel pens!
  • Three, 1 ½ inch Binders (NO Black binders) MUST HAVE METAL RINGS : suggestion is three different colors with your name and subject on the front (Science/Math, Reading, & Social Studies/LA).
  • Dividers for all binders (3 packages total)
  • Pencil Bag (not a pencil box)
  • Box of tissues for homeroom




  • TI-30X IIS calculator




  • (3) Sticky Notes/Post-it Notes (3x3)
  • One marble composition book




  • One marble composition book
  • Glue Sticks



Please Keep in Mind:

  • Book bags cannot be carried from class to class.
  • Do not purchase a large book bag with wheels. It will not fit in the locker.
  • NO Trapper Keeper Notebooks. They do not fit in lockers
  • NO Liquid White Out