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We have set up some more Upper Deerfield School District Activity Days with a schedule to continue to help break up the day and add variety to your activities.  Please share with your teachers if you have participated and send a video or email of your activity with your parents’ permission so we can see how you are taking some time for other things while working remotely.





Monday, April 6

Sports Day – Wear your favorite team’s shirt or pants for the day.



Tuesday, April 7

Make breakfast for your parents day to show you appreciate them



Wednesday, April 8

Be thankful day.  Write a note or draw a card to show a doctor, nurse, police officer, firefighter, emergency medical technician or someone who is working during this time to show appreciation for their service. 

1) Start your card with GREETING: Dear (Police, Nurses, Doctors), whoever you prefer.

2) Mention what you are thanking them for.

3) Close the letter or drawing with an expression of  “ Warm regards”, “ Best wishes,” Thinking of you,” or something like that.

4) Write your name on the card or letter and your school.

Bring these in with returned packets separately so we can distribute to those in our county.




April 9 through April 14

Easter/Spring Break – Relax and take time off from work. 



Wednesday, April 15

Act of kindness day.  Do something nice by calling or texting someone to see how they are doing.



Thursday, April 16

Bubbles for autism day.  Go outside and blow some bubbles to support autism awareness.  Take pictures and send to your teacher with your parents’ permission. 



Friday, April 17

Blue and gold day – Wear your blue and gold to show your district and school spirit



Monday, April 20

Funny video day.  Make a Funny video of yourself that you can share with your teachers and parents to make them laugh.



Tuesday, April 21

Cookie day.  Make some cookies for you and your family.



Wednesday, April 22

No work day.  Take a break and do something with your parents and family other than school work.



Thursday, April 23

Plant some seeds or plants day to make a garden or just have some plants around the yard.



Friday, April 24

Movie Day.  Watch your favorite movie with your family.



Monday, April 27

Game day.  Play your favorite board or video game



Tuesday, April 28

Hat Day – Wear your favorite hat for the day



Wednesday, April 29

Get to know me day.  Write down three things you want people to know about you.



Thursday, April 30

Nature Day.  Go outside and write down the flowers, trees and birds you see and send the list to your teacher.



Friday, May 1

Donation day.  Find something that you haven’t used like a game, book, or some clothing and start a pile for donating to those in need.